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A café that can help you enjoy 120%
of your Hida Takayama trip.

Takayama Station's
i-Cafe can help you make the most of your holiday.

Once you've lightened your load using our coin lockers, you'll be able to get ready for some sightseeing while re-charging your batteries, gathering some additional information with our free wi-Fi and enjoying a cup of our Oku-Hida blend coffee.


An Information Cafe for travellers

i-cafe TAKAYAMA is full of great ideas to help you enjoy the Hida Takayama sights.

Get the hottest sightseeing information from the SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE tour desk and book activities that will help you enjoy Hida Takayama.

Tour Desk

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

In addition to sightseeing information,
we can also offer special guided tours.



SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE is a tour brand that allows its customers to experience field activities, while also connecting the Satoyama Culture of which Japan is so proud to the world.

One can experience an essential way of life in Satoyama. Beginning in 2010 as Hida Satoyama Cycling and offering guided tours, the company has been able to attract guests worldwide to explain the everyday of Hida life.

Recently reborn as SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE, the company now offers a wealth of programs that help one experience the inherited culture and history of Satoyama.

Enjoy some special time in a unique place through tours that connect both lifestyle and travel.

*Tours are provided by SATOYAMA EXPERIENCE.



Free magazines introducing the seasons in Hida.

The Hida Times, a free English newsletter, provides unique local information to make your Hida trip even more unforgettable. It is created in the hope that we can share the beauty and wonder of the region with you from all over the world. Hopefully you will find it enjoyable.

You can also enjoy it at iCafe-Takayama with the aroma of coffee!

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The Hida Times

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Coin Lockers

Open 24 Hours a Day

Generous Sizes,
Accessible & Convenient

Num of Lockers 111 54 20 6 2
Charge ¥300 ¥400 ¥500 ¥600 ¥800

The coin lockers are open 24 hours per day. Please be aware that an additional fee is charged every midnight.

Courier Service

By lightening your load,
you'll be able to focus
all the more on the journey itself.

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Temporary Storage for Hand Luggage

Type Description ¥/day
You can check luggage within the following sizes. Prices include tax.
M Size:
L53 × W36 × H60cm
L Anything larger than a M ¥800
Coats/Jackets ¥300


  • The service closes at 4 pm, please collect your luggage by then.
  • Ensure that you keep your baggage claim check until pick-up time, please.
  • We might not be able to hand over luggage, if you have lost your baggage claim check.
  • We are unable to accept bulky goods, valuables, fragile items, refrigerated goods, frozen products or hazardous materials.

Door-to-door Parcel Delivery Service

Are there any fragile, refrigerated, frozen or dangerous items in your parcel?


We are located in the new Takayama Station.

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